Living in Paris

Moving to France has been quite an adventure; a dream of mine since I first came with my French class at the age of sixteen. Getting the news that I would be living in Paris was both exciting and stressful, not knowing exactly what decision to make. I have experienced moments where I have felt very lonely and moments where I feel like I am an outsider looking in. Soon I realized how alluring this city is, and even in moments of solitude I am amazed that I live in the city where my teenage daydreams took place.

My biggest fear moving here is that I will make my favorite city in the world mundane and normal. I am trying my best every day to find beauty and to constantly remind myself of how lucky I am. Yes, I am here only for seven months, and I keep the list of administrative tasks to complete in one hand but also pictures of places I want to visit and a sense that everything I am seeing is fleeting in the other.


To finish this off, I took this picture around a month ago, it was a total surprise. I was going out of an exhibition in the Grand Palais, when I saw this sunset while crossing the bridge, in that exact moment the lights in the tower turned on. Maybe I should look for more moments like this, whether it’s in France, Miami or right in my house.


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